The Great Escape

 The boyfriend, dog and myself escaped up North for the long weekend. Sadly we are already back in the city due to my having an early morning tech rehearsal, but we managed to fit in an impressive amount of relaxation into our two nights away.

 It was the dog’s first time up north. Even though he is two years old he has only been a part of our family for three months. He was completely spoiled. We spent most of our little mini vacation at my family’s cottage, luckily the boyfriend’s parents have a trailer just half an hour away, so we got to see both of our families! Which means that the dog was spoiled completely rotten, as were the two of us. Ridiculous amounts of food were eaten, campfire pizza, pie, steaks, hamburgers . . . I could go on.

 I spent the majority of the time relaxing on the dock soaking up the sun, cooling off in the lake, and reading on the deck. We got to start the day letting the dog out to wander in the woods, and then I got to dive into the lake, the perfect start to a day.

We got to have a campfire at the trailer and sit out under the stars. Having a break from the bustle and heat of the city was so necessary. There is nothing quite like the quiet and calm of being up north. No honking traffic, no cramped subways, just clean air and quiet. I’m right back into the swing of things now opening a show Friday night, but having that break means that I am so much better equipped to handle everything that comes my way! Perfect start to summer.


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