Post Show Blues

The show I was doing is now over and so I am suffering a bit from post-show blues, happens every time I finish a play, wrap a film job or even finish a class. The best thing to do to combat the post-show blues is to take a little break, which today involved a beach trip with my oldest friend. 

It’s been insanely hot this summer, and as busy as I’ve been I haven’t had much time to really enjoy summer! So we took a needed trip on the streetcar down to the Sunnyside Park to lay in the sun and swim in the public pool (I would have rather swam in the lake but sadly the warning flags were up) I always feel better after a swim and between the swim and lounging in the sun I can feel the post-show blues disappearing.

Another great way to combat post-show blues is to read, I am constantly teased by friends and family for always having a book with me, usually I don’t have quite such distinguished reading material, but this summer I have committed myself to reading War and Peace. I have always wanted to read it and so I decided this summer I would! I have made it over 400 pages in, only about 600 (no exaggeration) to go!
Sunnyside Pavilion was an awesome place to visit and had inspired me to make a list of other places around the city I want to visit this summer! It’s so easy to get stuck in your own routine and stay only in your own neighbourhood, but if you do that you might miss seeing some gorgeous art on the side of a building:
A cuddle on the couch and movie with the dog and soon enough the post-show blues will be gone!

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