A Bulldog in a Life Jacket

This past weekend the Boyfriend and I packed up the dog and headed up North for a couple of days away. Bulldogs, due to their massive heads cannot swim without a life jacket. So we had to buy him a little dog life jacket. At first boudreau was not terribly impressed with his life jacket. But eventually we managed to convince him that swimming was not a bad idea.

By the end of the weekend he was running in and out of the water of his own accord, he was not terribly interested in actually swimming. A couple of times we convinced him to venture past where his feet could touch. He would paddle for a couple of minutes and then quickly turn around and run back on shore.

Frog hunting is a time honoured tradition at the cottage and the Dog was very confused by the little green things swimming in the bucket.

There is nothing better so far as I am concerned then escaping up North where it’s quiet. Where you can get up in the morning and go for a kayak and a swim in the fresh air watching the sun come up over the lake. Taking a couple of days to do nothing more then eat (and oh did we ever eat well) spend time with family, laze in the sun, swim and kayak makes the rest of the bustle of life so much easier!

We didn’t want the weekend to end, but sadly all good things must come to an end. The Dog refused to leave. He decided to jump into the car and stop us from leaving by sitting on the pedals. Unfortunately we did have to leave despite the Dog’s insistence that we stay. Counting down the days until our next escape!


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