Vegan Caramel Salted Hot Chocolate (and a walk in the park)

It has been much too long since my last post! I blame the craziness of life, and the fact that for the longest time I had no idea where my camera’s usb cord was. But believe me, this is worth the wait.

The time has come for hot chocolate and walks in crisp air with the snow falling. I got one hike through the park in before all of the leaves dropped.

High Park is an incredibly beautiful part of Toronto. Hidden in the west end, it is full of awesome hiking trails, a zoo and a pond!

One of my best and oldest friends went to explore the park together.
It was a perfect fall day, but neither of us dressed properly for the weather. Which meant we were both freezing. Want to know what the solution to cold hands is? Homemade caramel sauce, hot chocolate and sea salt. That is the solution.
I have been looking for a way to make my own caramel and I found a great recipe. All you need is coconut milk, brown sugar and vanilla.
You leave the coconut milk in the fridge overnight and when you take it out the top half will be solidified. This is what we are going to make our caramel with. You scoop the solid coconut milk out and into a nice warm sauce pan and stir it until it melts down. Add some brown sugar and vanilla and voila!
An easy homemade completely vegan caramel sauce (bulldog not included). Now this caramel sauce is good enough to eat with a spoon. But to kick it up a notch we are going to add it to hot chocolate.
Finely chop up about 2-4 pieces of dark chocolate. Heat some soy milk in a sauce pan and add your dark chocolate, some sugar (or maple syrup) for sweetness, and a splash of vanilla. Throw in a pinch of sea salt and you have a salted hot chocolate.
Line your mug with caramel sauce, pour in the hot chocolate and add marshmallows. 
Pure happiness in a mug.

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