A Few Favourites

 Is there anything better than a lazy Saturday morning? Yes, yes there is. Coconut pancakes with pure Canadian maple syrup and a steaming mug of tea on a lazy Saturday morning.
 Today’s post is dedicated to some of my favourite things. It is dark and cold here in Canada

Pure maple syrup is a true delight.

David’s tea! David’s Tea is one of my favourite places in the world. When you walk in they offer you a sample of tea and offer your cannister upon cannister of tea for you to smell and sample. I’m loving their Saigon Chai, North African Mint and classic Earl Grey!

Loose leaf tea helps keep you warm in these cold months!
This delicious candle that I got as a Christmas gift from a dear friend. It smells delightful and has a quote from Oscar Wilde, “Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination”
Coconut body butter from The Body Shop. I bought this to bring to Jamaica and now that I’m back in the cold I’m using it to keep my poor dry skin hydrated. Every time I put it on I’m transported back to Jamaica soothing my sun tanned skin after a day spent in the ocean. What are a few of your favourites, to help you get through the dark winter days?

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