The Hogtown Vegan

It’s June but we have been having some seriously unpleasant weather. Rain and cold and clouds. Not summery at all! On the handful of beautiful days we have I have made it my mission to spend as much time outside as humanly possible. Enjoying my sunshine filled backyard.
I love having a little bit of green to sit amongst. I love having my morning tea on the back patio. It definitely puts you in a better mood for the entire day.
 On one of these beautiful days my sister was in town and we decided to head to the Hogtown Vegan for a bite to eat. Vegan restaurants are fantastic for the two of us, me with my dairy and egg allergy, my sister with her lactose intolerance. A lot of vegan restaurants are good, but they cook “vegan” food. Food that the dairy and egg eaters say, it was good, but you can tell it was vegan. The Hogtown Vegan makes vegan versions of the classic diner and comfort foods and does it so well that plenty of non-vegans eat there as well! I only have a couple of phone pictures of the food. We were both so excited that we dug in right away and the food was so good that it took me halfway through our meal to whip out my phone and take a couple of shots. We got the nachos as an appetizer (sorry, no picture we downed it in about 5 minutes)
For my main I got the “fish” and chips. Now, on top of my dairy and egg allergies I am also allergic to fish. So I had never gotten to try the delicious combination of battered fish and crispy chips. My sister (who can eat fish) tried it and said that it was very close to the real thing. I didn’t care about the real thing I was too busy devouring everything on my plate!
My sister got the unchicken and waffles. It comes with mashed yams and collard greens. That tiny bite left is the unchicken on top of a waffle. It was amazing. Next time we go I am going to have to order it myself. It was ah-mazing. Moral of the story is we will be going back again soon! We were too full for dessert but the deep fried apple pie is calling our name for next time! Their website is here if you want to check it out for yourself!

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