For My Dad

Today is Father’s Day. Because of my rehearsal schedule we celebrated Father’s Day last night. It was my first time cooking a big meal for my family in the new kitchen and I was very excited!
 I made a giant pitcher of Sangria to enjoy on the patio and a vegan caesar salad with maple wheat croutons. The main was roast chicken and roast potatoes/vegetables (sorry no picture of the main! In my balancing act of getting everything on the table I forgot to photograph it!)
We got to enjoy our sangria and beer on the patio while the Bulldog ran around trying to get everybody and anybody to play fetch with him.
 I made the croutons myself and got the recipe for both the croutons and the dressing from Chloe’s Kitchen. That girl has some of the most incredible vegan recipes for foods you thought you would never eat! Everybody agreed it was incredibly close to the “real” thing and went back for seconds!
My Dad loves citrus so for dessert I whipped up a batch of coconut lime cupcakes. You can find the recipe here. All in all the dinner was a huge success!
I can trace my love of food and love cooking back to my Dad. In our house Dad was the chef. Mum was the baker (thanks Mum for the baking genes!) but Dad was the one who cooked. My Dad is a phenomenal cook and he was always more then willing to feed an extra mouth or two if one of my friend’s needed a place to crash. Sleepovers at my house meant a full pancake breakfast in the morning courtesy of my Dad and saying no to second helpings was sure to put any boys you brought home in the black book. I am the person I am today because of my Dad. Along with the lessons he taught me in the kitchen he has taught me more then I can express. The example he set for my sister and I is unparalleled. He taught us to work as hard as you can but to always put family first, he taught us to be kind to others, to live intentionally and with an open heart. He taught us to be proud of who we are and to be intellectually curious and not accept things at face value. He continues to inspire me so thank-you Dad. I love you.

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