Vegan Bakeries and Beaches

My sister took the train into the city to spend the day with me and we made sure to make it a day to remember. We started our day of excitement at a vegan bakeshop I’ve been wanting to check out for ages. It’s called Tori’s bakeshop you can find them here. They are located in the beaches and they are absolutely worth the trip if you’re in Toronto! I didn’t bring my camera with me and so all the pictures are of the slightly out of focus phone variety.
The whole atmosphere is awesome. It’s all adorable lavender’s and wooden tables. It took some serious debating before we eventually settled on four items to share. We started with the delectable s’mores cupcake. It was amazing. Light, fluffy, flavourful. Everything a cupcake should be.
We also enjoyed a lemon cupcake. We all know how much I love my citrus in the summer. I hate the fake citrus flavouring that you often find in baked goods. But there was none of that in this cupcake, it was all fresh clean lemon.
We cleansed our sugar covered palate with a savoury chive and soy cheese scone with a nice pat of earth balance margarine.
We finished off our healthy lunch splitting a cinnamon bun. I love cinnamon buns. They are probably one of my favourite desserts in the world. They are quite time consuming to make so it is a serious joy to just go out and buy one!
Fully sated on sugar we headed down to the beach to lounge in the sunshine. Toronto flooded this past week. I got off light, some leaking in our basement, stranded at work for a couple of hours, watching main roads turn into rivers. It was quite something! So it was nice to soak up some sunshine! The lake on this side of the city was even safe to swim in!
Nothing beats a day with your sister!

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