A Very Special Birthday

Terribly sorry for the delay in posting. I managed to knock a cup of tea over onto my laptop frying it. I have just replaced it (with a much fancier model!) and am very excited to get back to blogging!
 It was The Boyfriend’s birthday this past week. Which means one thing. Cake! Cake and a backyard barbecue. His parents and grandparents generously got him (and me by extension) a barbecue and patio set which means that we have been eating all of our meals outside!
The Bulldog was extremely confused by my blowing up balloons. He couldn’t understand why I wasn’t letting him play with the colourful balls.
We cooked up some burgers (my Dad’s secret recipe!) and threw on some bacon and cheese (Daiya cheese in my case) to make bacon cheeseburgers. Fresh Ontario corn dripping with butter and salt made the dinner complete. Of course the most important part of the meal was yet to come.
A double layer vanilla birthday cake. I am still working on my frosting technique. I haven’t perfected it quite yet. It always starts out looking so good and ends up patchy but it’s getting better!
The lack of perfect frosting certainly didn’t affect the taste! You can check out the recipe here just double the recipe to make a two layer cake.
It was a beautiful evening, just warm enough. With lots of delicious food. I cannot wait to host lots of backyard barbecues in the future!

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