The Little Things

So it’s like really winter this year. As in there has been snow on the ground since early December. As in, there was an ice storm the week before Christmas. As in it is generally about -20 celsius on a regular basis. I cannot remember the last time there was a winter this cold and snowy. I think I was still a kid!
Winter is really beautiful when it shows itself off in all its splendour. It’s a really beautiful sunny day today which is making me want to actually go outside and embrace the cold weather. I took the Dog on a walk around the block, bulldogs are not built for extreme weather. He does best in moderate weather. In fall and spring, but even our lazy bulldog was getting a bit of cabin fever from such short walks.
All of the cold and the ice makes me just want to bake. I want to wear slippers, yoga pants, sweaters and spend my day sipping on tea and baking delicious treats. Nothing fancy. Simplicity is key on the long winter nights where the sun sets at around 5:00.
Enter the vanilla cupcake. Simplicity at it’s finest. They take no time at all to whip up and they just look so darn pretty. A golden vanilla cupcake with a fluffy mountain of buttercream and a dusting of sprinkles. I’ve made vanilla cupcakes twice in the past seven days. The Boyfriend loves vanilla cupcakes. I tried to tempt him with a different variation, with a little bit of chocolate, but he prefers the plain vanilla.
These fancy cupcake wrappers were a Christmas gift and one that I was loathe to use on a batch of weekday cupcakes but they just look so pretty. I still have plenty for fancier occasions.
I know that I’ve posted vanilla cupcake recipes before. My quest for the perfect vegan vanilla cupcake has been ongoing for years. I have tried many different recipes, adapted recipes and I finally found a winner last year (recipe here). Winter is about indulging in the home and finding little comforts.
I found this awesome candle at Chapters on sale. It smells like vanilla and oatmeal. It almost smells just as good unlit as it does lit. It’s also vegan! I love having lit candles around my home in winter. I hope you are all staying warm and finding little joys at home or out in the snow!

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