Snowstorm Cupcakes

In honour of the fact that there is enough snow outside to make up for all the winters of my childhood that didn’t have snow, I decided to make some snowstorm cupcakes. Chocolate cake with a creamy buttercream frosting and chocolate shavings to make it look pretty. The chocolate cake and buttercream frosting recipes can be found here. They would also be an excellent valentines day treat!
There little kid in me can’t help but be thrilled by all the snow. I want to put on snowpants, snowboots and mittens and go outside to get into a snowball fight or build a snow fort. Things that are a little bit more difficult to do in the middle of the city.
So these cupcakes will have to do. The frosting is like a big pile of snow and the chocolate cake makes me think of the hot chocolate my Mum would make for my sister and I when we came tramping in from tobogganing.
I was able to play in the snow with The Dog at least. Throwing snowballs for him to catch and watching his confusion as they disintegrated was a little bit too much fun. So grateful to have a backyard in the city!
I recommend whipping up a batch of these to enjoy after a walk in the snow, or to curl up with by the fire with a good book. Something fun and wintery. February will be over before we know it!

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