A Few Favourites

Summer is finally, finally, really, truly on its way. I have been spending as much time as humanly possible out in my back garden, I’m growing herbs, tomatoes and some lovely impatiens. The last couple of weekends have been full to bursting with good things so I thought I would take a break from baking and share them with you. I pulled my favourites from my phone, so pull up a muskoka chair and take a little peak into my life.
This beautiful backyard is not mine, it’s my parents. My Dad has quite the green thumb and the backyard is huge. What used to be filled up with a swing set and sandbox is now full of vegetable and flower gardens. Much prettier to look at.
 The CN Tower all lit up at night! I had quite the epic patio party downtown the other night and snapped this picture. There is something magical about the CN tower when it’s all lit up like that. Beers and barbecue on a patio in the heart of downtown, can’t beat that.
 I whipped up a big batch of granola. In the summer all I want for breakfast is granola. I scour the internet for recipes and end up making double batches to last me. There is always a big jar full of homemade granola on my kitchen counter.
 My trusty gardening companion. He makes sure that the neighbourhood cats don’t make too much of a mess in my garden. He also ensures that the flowers are good and hardy by barreling through them every couple of days.
 Chocolate chip banana bread, because it’s the best. Sometimes I let my bananas go mushy on purpose just for the excuse to make banana bread. It’s so simple and so versatile, add some chocolate chips, add some nut butter, anything you can imagine!
I was a ballerina for years and years. From the age of 3-18 I was dancing. Doing a big spring clean I found my collection of pointe shoes, which I can simply not bring myself to get rid of. In ballet you don’t get medals, these broken down, torn up, pointe shoes are my medals. And I can still get up on my toes!
I found this growing in my backyard. The boyfriend’s Gran informed me that it is called a bleeding heart. Is that not the most amazing, romantic name for a plant ever? It’s so gorgeous.
A bag of hot bagels straight from the bakery in St. Lawrence market. You have to get up early on a Saturday to be left with something other then just crumbs! These babies a long with a hot cup of tea made my Saturday perfect.
Lilacs the most amazing flower there is. The lilacs have already bloomed and gone in our neighbourhood. Perhaps that is why I love them so, they last for such a short time you have to really stop and enjoy them or you will miss them entirely.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peak! Today is beautiful and sunny and I am feeling the urge to garden and bake. We will have to see what I come up with!

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