Bulldogs in wagons

Every now and again it can seem like life is against you. Things keep piling up, family is sick, friends are hurting, you get a call back but you don’t get the part. You start doing the dangerous comparison game. You know the game, the one where you stalk facebook profiles and instagram feeds and compare where you’re at in life to where other people are. It’s a bad game. Don’t play it. So when I have one of those days, one of those why aren’t things going my way, why didn’t that work out, why does it have to be so hard, days I treat myself. Sometimes that treat is the sheer ridiculousness of putting my dog in a wagon and taking his picture.
It doesn’t have to be an extravagant treat. I was super exhausted, tired and worn out the other day. So I stopped in the hubbub of life at a florist. I went in spent a little bit of money and brought home a bunch of fresh cut beautiful flowers that make me smile every time I walk into my kitchen. 
Last weekend I found a little pop up booth selling freshly picked strawberries. My first real fresh Ontario grown fruit of the season. The Boyfriend and I each ate a carton to ourselves. It’s a little pick me up that just left me smiling for the rest of the day. Today was a bit dreary and a bit grey. So I let myself just have a day. I didn’t work on things, I didn’t schedule things. I didn’t even go to yoga. I just curled up in my sweats with the pup and binge watched Orange Is The New Black. And you know what? That’s ok. We like to glorify busy in this world of ours. But I find a whole lot of glory in cuddling with a blanket on the couch watching excellent television, eating a basket of strawberries in my backyard, or the absurdity of wheeling my dog around the kitchen in a red wagon. Find your own glory in something little, something simple, something just for you.

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