Cottage Country on a Monday

Is there anything as glorious as setting out of the city and finding yourself surrounded by trees and open water and that beautiful smell of fresh air?
I got to spend my Monday up north with some truly awesome people having quite the epic time. From boat rides, to jet skis, to swimming, to camp fires, to having in depth talks sitting on top of a rented van at midnight . . . it was a good Monday. One of my favourite Mondays in recent memory.
I know, I know, where are the recipes? Where’s the food? I’ve been a bit lazy on the baking front this past couple of weeks. The sun has been shining and I have been spending all of my spare time outside. I love my little back garden, and I have worked so hard to fill it with beautiful flowers, and fragrant herbs. But let’s be honest. The view is just not quite as spectacular. Watching the sunset over a wide expanse of water, with a campfire crackling beside you, laughter all around you . . . it’s a good life.
Not to be biased or anything, but don’t we just live in the most beautiful country? There are few things I love more in this world than summertime in cottage country. It does the soul good.
Perfect weather, delicious food, cold beers, can’t ask for much more.
While I am back in the city now I am already dreaming about my next escape up north. Smelling the woodsmoke and fresh air, hearing the loon’s call. I can’t wait!

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