Ireland! (Part 2) Galway you’re Gorgeous!

We got up early and headed out to the train station (after a full Irish breakfast, because your day hasn’t truly started in Ireland until you have had sausages, hash browns and tea). Coke is doing a promotion in Ireland and I believe across the UK as well where there are names on the bottles. We managed to find a Sarah, which let’s be honest is not that hard. I was never one of the kids who couldn’t find things with their name on them! It was a couple of hours train ride, but it went by quickly as we looked out the window at the beautiful Irish scenery rolling by.
I love and adore being near the water. Whether it be an ocean, a lake, or a river I am always happiest by a body of water. The minute we disembarked from the train we headed straight towards the ocean. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm.
The view was incredible. I could have stayed on the beach taking pictures all day.
And climbing on rocks, because both The Boyfriend and myself are always climbing and clambering over things, trying to get to the highest point possible (just wait until you see how high up we climbed at Giant’s Causeway!) The mountains in the distance are Conmera national park, which I would have absolutely loved to get to. Unfortunately without a car it proved too difficult to make it out there. The only problem with travel is that whenever I go somewhere I seem to come home with a long list of things I have to see next time. Often my new have to see list is longer then the original!
As you can see I was just a tad happy.
Galway is a beautiful city, it isn’t too big so we found it very easy to wander around without getting lost. It seems to be the destination place for weekends away, we saw about six different groups of women in pink cowboy hats, boas and high heels, obviously out for a bachelorette party, or as they call them over there hen party. They also have a big shopping strip. Not big on shopping the two of us found a quiet little pub where it was just us and the bartender. We had a couple of pints with the sunshine at our backs and chatted with him. Turns out he had lived for a summer in Toronto and had family just outside of Toronto. I’m always amazed when I travel by just how small a world it really is.
There’s something for every taste in Galway, along with the shopping there are great pubs, and history. The Spanish arch and the cathedral are all worth checking out. Also the best fish and chips in Ireland are there! They won an award and everything. The place is called Mcdonaghs. I am allergic to fish (I am probably the only person who loses wait when travelling because it is so difficult to feed myself!) so I had the sausage and chips which was none the less delicious. The Boyfriend who is something of a connoisseur of fish and chips heartily agreed with the claim that it was the best.
In Galway you will also find the original makers of the Claddagh ring. Claddagh has been amalgamated into Galway and there is a section of the city that is full of shops selling both traditional and non-traditional Claddagh rings. I recommend going to Thomas Dillon ( They are the oldest jeweller in Ireland and the original makers of the Claddagh ring. The store has a little museum about the history of the Claddagh ring. We purchased a ring from them and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Anything goes wrong you just mail it back to them. They are beautiful, classic and well crafted. It was a wonderful day. Stay tuned for our adventures in Belfast!

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