A Few Last Shots of Summer

 Summer up north is one of the greatest things about Canada. This summer was definitely a bit colder and wetter than anybody wanted, but I managed to squeeze every last drop of sunshine out of the last three months. With trips up north, days spent on Toronto Island, or at Woodbine beach.
There is something about the way sunlight sparkles on lake water here in Ontario that is simply magical. When the cold winter descends upon us, I will look back at these pictures, close my eyes and remember summer. I will remember the feeling of sun beating down on my wet skin after a swim, the smell of cedar coming off the dock, the feel of wood and hard packed earth under my bare feet.
Despite his generally unimpressed face here, the Dog actually embraced swimming this summer. The minute we would get down to the lake into the water he would go! He still doesn’t swim out too far or for too long but he loves to splash in the shallows and doggy paddle out a little ways!
Pure puppy love with my sister. That is a happy face if I ever saw one.
Just watching the sky change colour in the summer is so wonderful. I like to spend every moment of the day from sun up to sun down outside when I’m up North. I get to watch the sky go from the hazy blue of early morning, to the bright peacock blue of midday and then fade into the pinks and purples of evening. No buildings obstructing my view, no artificial lights to block out the stars.
 Cottaging is hard work. There’s no tv up north. We just hang out, play board games, eat too much pie, and stay up talking. The calm up north, away from the hustle and bustle, the moments spent just reading on the porch with a cup of tea, or floating in the lake, they make me feel like the luckiest girl alive. Fall has arrived suddenly and with a vengeance. I love fall, but I can’t lie all year my heart yearns for summer in the north. Where the only noise is the call of loons, the lapping of water against the shore and the snore of a bulldog resting on your knee.

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