A Quick Weekend in New York City. Day 1.

My sister and I have never taken a trip together as adults. She had never been to New York and my best friend from university lives in New York. So we decided we were going to go visit her and tourist around for a weekend. What a weekend. We fit in a ridiculous amount of sight seeing, my bestie took us all these amazing restaurants. I ate, drank and walked everywhere. A fantastic four days.
Our first day in New York we knocked off some of the big tourist items on our to do list. We went all the way down to the harbour to see the statue of liberty. It was absolutely freezing so we opted not to take the ferry over to see her up close and personal. That’s what the zoom function on my camera is for!
It was the perfect time of year to go. New York had all of it’s Christmas finery on, but we weren’t there over American Thanksgiving. I learned the hard way not to travel over the Black Friday weekend. Because there will be travel delays. You will not have a good time. Rockefeller square was beautiful. The tree was there, but sadly still covered in scaffolding.
The soldiers standing guard and the lit up trees more then made up for it.
My little sister and I. Yes, we know, we don’t look alike. But we’re related I swear it!
The sun started to set, washing the Rockefeller centre in a gorgeous pink and gold light. We snapped a few more pictures of the skaters and wandered around in the met store to warm up. It was freezing cold!
Our next stop was my very favourite place we went to. The gorgeous library. Oh my goodness. It is absolutely stunning. I could have easily spent hours in there.
They were also all decked out of Christmas. So beautiful. I wanted to stay there but we had to meet my best friend for dinner. So we headed out into bitter cold once again, planning on snapping a picture of the Empire state building on our way.
True story, we almost had an incredibly embarrassing tourist moment. We were walking and walking looking for the Empire State Building. There were people on the street trying to sell us tickets to get up the tower and yet we still could not see the building anywhere! We were wandering like a couple of lost puppies, we were just about to ask the next passerby if they could point us in the direction of the Empire State Building when I looked at the facade of the building we were standing in front of. Sure enough, it said Empire State Building. In my defence we were under a scaffolding and so could not see the iconic building until we crossed the street. We snapped a picture and went out for an amazing italian dinner with one of the best gin martini’s I’ve ever had. Day 2 coming soon!

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