New York Part Two

Our second day in New York dawned with a clear blue sky and freezing temperatures. We decided that we would dedicate this day to two of the big tourist destinations in New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park.
I love the met, on my first trip to New York I spent an entire day wandering it on my own. Despite the fact that I have spent the better part of two days there now I feel I have barely scratched the surface. You could spend weeks there and still not see everything. My very favourite part is the Egyptian exhibit. And most of all the amazing Egyptian tomb.
Ever since I was a little kid I have been obsessed with Ancient Egypt. One of my lifelong dreams is to travel to Egypt and see the pyramids for myself. But for the time being this will have to do.
Some lovely graffiti on the wall. Lovely to see how much things haven’t changed. Whether it be an ancient tomb or a bathroom wall humanity is obsessed with writing their names on things.
My sister and I had thoroughly exhausted ourselves on our first day and ended up sitting on a bench looking at the statues for a good half an hour. Walking constantly for two days straight will do that to you. The clouds started rolling in and concerned that it would start raining the two of us decided to head over to Central Park.
Central Park is another area of the city that you could explore for days and still not see it all. Looks beautiful doesn’t it? What you can’t say is how much I was literally shaking from cold. This is what I get for only packing a light coat!
We walked all the way to the lake and sat on a bench to have our lunch. Would have been perfect if it had been about ten degrees warmer.
So pretty and fall like. Look at how warm and cozy my sister is in her winter jacket. Sigh, I’ve learned my lesson.
But I did find some rocks to climb on top of so that made up for the cold. Part Three coming soon, with Time Square, a broadway show and an amazing vegan bakery!

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