New York The Third and Final

The lovely lady in the picture with me is a person who deserves a blog post all her own. All the way back when we were first years at university we met and quickly became friends. We had a class together in first year and after the class she approached me to tell me I looked a lot like a girl in an ikea commercial. I was in fact the girl in the ikea commercial (You can check that oldie out here.) A quick look at her facebook profile stated that A Little Princess was one of her favourite childhood books. I quickly decided that we would have to be best friends. Luckily she also seemed to believe me worthy of best friendship. I cannot count the number of sleepovers we have had, the hours logged on the phone, the drinks consumed, the text messages and e-mails sent. It is not easy when your best friend lives in a different country. But it is a true testament to a friendship when, no matter how long it has been since you have seen each other, it feels as though not a day has passed. She graciously hosted myself and my sister for the entire trip and acted as tour guide. I’m so lucky to have her.
We went to time square to get discounted broadway tickets, it being a Sunday we ended up going to a matinee. We chose Hedwig and the Angry Inch starring Michael C. Hall. It was absolutely incredible.
I would absolutely recommend seeing this show if you are in New York. It’s the kind of show that won’t translate quite as well in a different city. My sister and I had seen the majority of the really big standard musicals and the other musicals that are well known tend to travel to Toronto. Michael C. Hall was incredible in the show. Just incredible. I forgive him for the series finale of Dexter.
By the time we got out the sun had set. Time Square is definitely best seen at night. All the lights are blinding, it feels so electric and alive.
We then spent the evening eating and drinking beer in Greenwich village. Went to an amazing noodle place and a great slightly dingy bar. I always love travelling to a city and staying with someone who lives there, they take you to all the great places that you would never find on your own.
We spent our final day in New York wandering around SoHo so my sister could get some shopping in and then travelled all the way to the lower east side to check out a vegan bakery for me!
The amazing Babycakes. You absolutely must go there if you are in New York. It was so delicious. I am still craving it.
My sister and I chose a pumpkin eclaire and a churro. I realize this is not the greatest picture but it wasn’t until we had already started nibbling on them that I thought to snap a picture. The eclaire especially was unbelievable. It was the perfect end to a fantastic trip. Soon the Christmas baking starts. So many recipes to come!

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