It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I dearly love Christmas time. One of my favourite memories as a child was curling up in the big red chair in the living room with the tree all lit up. I would just sit there and breathe in the pine smell that meant Christmas and look at the beautiful lights, take in all the decorations that were each so meaningful to me. My tree now is fake (the Boyfriend’s only allergy is to Christmas trees, so sad!) but it is just as beautiful to me. Each decoration on it tells a story and I get a bit of that same childlike thrill to sit beside it on our couch and contemplate the year that has passed. It’s harder as an adult forging your own life, to capture the exact magic of Christmas that it held as a child. I have a few of my own traditions now.
I bake multiple batches of gingerbread at Christmas. I box them up and give them to family and friends. There is something so lovely and Christmas like about the smell of gingerbread baking.
I also just love to cut them out and decorate them. It’s so much fun to cut them out, to ice them up with little smiles. You can find the recipe here.
I discovered the fun of sugar cookies this past valentines day and decided to make a batch for Christmas, they nicely contemplate the gingerbread. I decided to make it simple and decorate them with red and green sprinkles but you can also feel free to frost them! This recipe makes a nice soft sugar cookie, perfect to eat with a cup of tea. You can find the recipe here.
The boyfriend’s parents met the two of us at the Christmas market in the distillery district. It’s definitely worth checking out again next year. It was insanely busy so we may try for a different time. But it was so much fun, we found the area with all of the free alcohol samples which definitely helped cut through the cold. There were loads of stalls selling anything and everything, a lot of the shops were open as well.
The lights were beautiful and the tree was of course was the greatest. There are also carollers and you can buy an entire turkey leg. What more can you ask of the Christmas season?
Some of the Christmas traditions of my childhood live on. Every year I go home in the weeks leading up to Christmas to do two things. I make Christmas cookies with my Mum and sister (sorry not recipe for this one, it’s a family secret!) and decorate the massive tree that dominates the living room.
I have taken home some of my most treasured decorations for my own tree, but there are still more than enough decorations on my parent’s tree. In fact by the time it is fully decorated it is more decoration than tree. But that’s how we like it. It may not look perfect, like something out of a catalogue, but it sure has character.
She’s a beauty. I have branches around our house, gives me the hint of that delicious pine smell and Jeremy can still breathe. It’s a win/win. I cannot believe that it is Christmas eve tomorrow. The Christmas season swoops by much too quickly. I could have sworn I was just complaining that it was November and not time for Christmas carols yet! Now, as always seems to happen as an adult, it has rushed upon me while I had my back turned. I have a whole lot of baking to do tomorrow. Cinnamon rolls, cookies, I am contemplating a cake but I think that might be overkill. I hope your Christmas trees are lit up, that your house smells like cinnamon and nutmeg and that you have somebody to cuddle up with next to the tree.

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