Roatan the Beautiful

So I am back in the freezing cold. And I mean FREEZING cold of Toronto. I am not exaggerating when I say that I got an asthma attack taking my dog across the street this morning. It is so unbelievably cold outside. The only thing I was excited about coming home for was my dog and my bed. Other than those two things I would have happily stayed in Roatan with the boyfriend for the rest of the winter.
Look at that water and sky. I absolutely loved Roatan, we stayed at Infinity Bay in the West Bay. The reef was steps away from the beach. You would walk into the water, put your snorkel mask on and swim out a few strokes and were suddenly in the middle of Finding Nemo. Roatan has the second largest coral reef in the entire world.
The beach only got crazy busy when the cruise ships docked. Then the water was full of snorkelers and the beach chairs were filled. The rest of the time? The rest of the time was paradise. So quiet and peaceful. You could walk the length of the beach and stop at the various shops and restaurants.
The sunsets every night were absolutely stunning (this is nothing, wait until you see the later sunset pictures!) We would get up nice and early, sometimes as early as 6am, go down to the beach and explore the reef.
Way out there at that little rock outcrop, the boyfriend snorkelled all the way out there. He always lasted longer than me, greater stamina! It was in that general direction that we saw a sea turtle! Both of us were hoping against hope to see one. That’s why we got up so early! We had been in the water only about half an hour and we were out deep, really deep. You know in Finding Nemo when they talk about the deep blue? We were on the edge of the deep blue, right where the coral reef ends and it drops off into a dark endless blue. There munching on the reef was a sea turtle. We think it was a Hawksbill. The boyfriend got an amazing video of him on the go pro.
When we got exhausted from snorkelling, which is not hard to do. You lose track of time and end up being out there for an hour or more. When you come back to shore your legs are shaky and you feel a bit like you just got off a roller coaster. Then we would lay in the sunshine, eat, enjoy a beer.
Imperial was the perfect light beer for a day in the sunshine. It was still the rainy season so every now and again there would be a cloud burst and we would have to duck and cover.
After a long day of swimming, snorkelling, reading and napping in the sun we would watch the sunset. Every night was spectacular.
More Roatan to come! Seven days was not enough. I absolutely recommend you go to this beautiful island before all the tourists hear how great it is.

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