Infinity Bay in West Bay

Infinity Bay where we stayed  is a series of condo’s. It’s nestled right in the mountains with lush palm trees all around. You can rent them or buy an all inclusive package, so that all your meals and drinks are covered. We found going the all inclusive route was the cheaper option. But staying at Infinity Bay was not like staying at a traditional all inclusive. And I mean that in the best possible way. It felt more like you were at your own private condo on the beach. The food selection at the buffet wasn’t huge but it was always delicious. And as somebody who has a lot of dietary restrictions I always had enough to eat!
The rooms were all huge, you get a seperate bed room, full kitchen and a living room.
So if you did decide to rent the room you have a full kitchen at your disposal. There are also a bunch of great restaurants lining the beach that are just a few minutes walk away. Our room also had a patio that led right out to the pool area.
And what a pool it is! Generally speaking when I have an option between the ocean and a pool I won’t even bother going in the pool. But I ended up using the pool here quite a bit. We would wait until it was dark and float in the pool under the stars. At that time of night we would also have the whole pool to ourselves! The edge was also the perfect place to sit and sip on a beer while gazing out at the ocean.
The view from the buffet balcony. So lush and green!
There was also a little restaurant on the beach at Infinity Bay. The food was delicious and there is something so amazing about eating at the beach under the stars or the hot sun. Close enough to the ocean and pool to run in and cool down when ever you needed! So beautiful. We travelled around the island as well and my next post will be all about that!

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