Hello 2014!

I took a little bit of a break for the holidays. Don’t we all need a break over the holidays? All the Christmas and New Years merriment can be quite exhausting! You need time to curl up beside your Christmas tree in your pyjamas and spend the day watching Netflix while drinking tea. I got quite a good break last week, the Boyfriend and I travelled to Negril Jamaica, leaving the Dog in the capable hands of the Boyfriend’s Dad.
This beach was incredible. It stretched for miles and miles and was a public beach so you could feel free to wander from one end to the other, passing other resorts and craft markets along the way. The water was crystal clear I saw a stingray jump out of the water our first night there!
The sunsets on the beach every night were absolutely incredible. Every night looked like a postcard.
Just look at those purple clouds!
We travelled around the entire island, making our way through each parish! We spent a day in Kingston and visited the Bob Marley Museum that is located in his old house. It was a very interesting tour, I learned a lot about the man that I had never known.
We also travelled to Rick’s Cafe, which is what first took us to Negril on our last trip to Jamaica. We didn’t jump off the cliffs this time (once is enough!) but we had an amazing time watching the cliff divers and listening to the reggae band.
I think I’m supposed to live by the ocean. Nothing makes me happier then the smell of the sea water in the air, swimming multiple times a day. Of course not having to work and getting to sun tan all day definitely helps. I’m back more tanned and blonde then when I left and feel more equipped to deal with the winter blahs.
While I was watching sunsets on a tropical beach Toronto dipped down to -50. I don’t think my friends and family are going to forgive me for escaping the polar vortex any time soon! We stayed at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay and I would highly recommend it!

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