A Very Vegan Valentines

I know, I know. Valentines Day has come and gone, but if you still have a couple of people to bake for, or just want to file some recipes away for next year. I thought I would link up what I’ve baked for the last few Valentines Days! Starting with the cake pictured above. Chocolate cake, vanilla frosting, a sad attempt at making it heart shaped (why didn’t I just buy a heart shaped cake pan?) And chocolate chips to spell out my message! You can read that post here.
I baked up these beauties last year. Oh how I love sugar cookies. They are so delightful and ever so easy to bake. I love cutting out the shapes and decorating them. The great thing is their versatility. Sugar cookies are acceptable all year round, just buy some different shaped cookie cutters. Some bells for Christmas, hearts for Valentines day, clovers for St. Patrick’s Day, flowers for easter. They are always appropriate! That recipe is found here.
Red Velvet chocolate chip cupcakes with buttercream frosting were a big hit last year. I am deeply in love with my various cupcake holders. Somehow they make everything so much more festive. I am pretty careful with the amount of red food colouring I use, so these cupcakes aren’t a radio active red. They are more of a deep burgundy. The chocolate chips hiding inside definitely kick the flavour up a notch. Now, I would recommend making these with cream cheese frosting. The Boyfriend is in a pretty serious love affair with buttercream frosting, hence me using buttercream for his Valentines day present. Check out that recipe here.
This year was super simple. The Boyfriend just wanted vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting. That was it! They take no time at all. You can find the recipe for these quick vanilla cupcakes here. My fancy cupcake holders made another appearance this year and some red sprinkles for a touch of festivity. I also made chocolate truffles this year. Where are the pictures you ask? I don’t have any. So ashamed, what kind of blogger doesn’t take pictures? I was running short on time and was bringing them as a gift. They were packaged up and eaten before I ever got a chance to snap a pic. This only means that I will have to make them again and take the time to take some pictures. I promise to have that up before the winter ends. I hope your Valentines Day was filled with love and special people.

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