Some Happiness At Home On A Rainy Day

I’ve been extremely busy, in rehearsals for a new show and balancing everything else in my life. I have some time to catch up on e-mails, paperwork, all those sorts of things today. And I thought I’d give you a peak into my home and the things that make me smile on a rainy day.
Fresh flowers are one of my facourite things to have around the house. Especially as we wait for spring weather to finally arrive. I have had enough of being cold personally. I like to have some on my desk (along with some may say an excessive amount of candles). Lilies are some of my favourite flowers.
My kitchen table almost always has some fresh flowers. Hydrangeas are probably my absolute favourite flowers. I have plans to plant more hydrangea bushes in the back garden this spring. I have one and get beautiful cut flowers from it all summer long. Until that time comes again I will have to survive with popping around the corner to my favourite florist.
Loose leaf tea is another obsession of mine. I can easily drink three to four cups on any given day. David’s tea is one of my favourite places to stop in. The staff are always so friendly and knowledgeable. The store has spread rapidly across Toronto, I don’t know how far outside the city they reach yet, but here they are everywhere! My personal favourites are lined up in easy to access tins, David’s Breakfast, Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine, Coco Chai Roobios and Organic Saigon Chai. There is a handy guide on their menu telling you what is fair trade, what’s organic etc. I am trying to only purchase their fair trade teas.
My window rosemary plants. I took cuttings from my backyard rosemary plant because I was concerned it wouldn’t survive the winter. I was very right, it is oh so dead. I think soon I will trust that frost is really gone and I will move these outside. Not quite yet though.
The constantly growing to-be-read pile of books beside my bed. I am a bit of a book hoarder. Between the Boyfriend and myself we have a truly crazy amount of books, records and cd’s. There are worse things to fill your house with in my opinion.
A candle that smells incredible. This was a gift from my best friend who lives all the way off in New York. I’ve been savouring it for years. I want it to last as long as possible, but it’s hard not to burn it constantly, it smells so good and looks so pretty! What are the things around your home that make you smile? That make it feel like home?

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