Banana cupcakes with mocha frosting

Mixing and matching recipes is fun. Adding mocha frosting to a classic banana cupcake delightful, throw some chocolate chips in that banana cupcake batter and you’ve got a real decadent delight. This cupcake is the perfect cross over. It’s heavy and chocolatey enough to boost your mood in the grey spring weather, but light enough to give you hope of summer to come. I had some mushy bananas, and I was going to bake banana bread. The boyfriend however requested that I instead create some cupcakes. I can never say no to a cupcake challenge and so these babies were born.

I have definitely blogged banana cupcakes before but I think the coffee and chocolate kick of the mocha frosting really bring these to the next level of indulgence. Banana and chocolate go ever so well together after all. Also, I always feel as though I can somehow count this as a fruit serving, it does have banana in it after all, it must somehow be healthier for me than your average cupcake! Right? Right.
I’ve got another bunch of bananas sitting in my kitchen now. They are my go to base for smoothies but I always like to leave a couple to go mushy so that I can bake with them. What should I bake next? Bread, muffins and cupcakes I’ve all covered fairly well. A banana cookie perhaps? A variation on the classic banana bread? The possibilities are endless!
Enjoy friends! You can find the banana cupcake recipe here and the mocha frosting recipe here.

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