Vegan Banana Oatmeal Muffins with a Crumb Topping and My Garden

I’m back! Really, honestly, back to writing and baking and blogging. I had the most incredible time with the show but I learned from the last time I produced and acted in a show that when it’s all done I need some serious recovery time so that I don’t completely burn myself out. So I gave myself that time and now I can enjoy all that summer has to offer.
I had some overripe bananas and I had recently made banana bread and I didn’t have enough maple syrup for my sugar free banana chocolate chip muffins, and so I went to the internet and found this recipe for banana oatmeal muffins over at Minimalist Baker. The only thing I changed was the crumb top, I used brown sugar instead of raw and canola oil instead of margarine and added a tsp of cinnamon. They were delicious and were eaten up quickly! The perfect muffin for breakfast and ridiculously good with a slathering of strawberry rhubarb jam.
I don’t know why I associate muffins with the warmer months but I do. I suppose because the muffins I like best tend to have more zesty tropical flavours. Banana muffins all of kinds, lemon poppyseed, and blueberry muffins are all my favourite kinds. In the winter I want something heartier and warmer for breakfast. In the summer I’m happy to eat a bowl of homemade granola or a couple of muffins out in my garden.
The crumb top really does make the muffin. It’s like having dessert for breakfast, but I can tell myself it’s healthy because it’s made with bananas and bananas are fruit.
The perfect place to eat these muffins is in the back garden, with a pot of tea. I love making a whole pot of tea, it’s so soothing. And it means that I have the time to drink the whole thing! On busy days I make a cup, on quiet days I make a whole pot in the morning and sip it while I work out back. The back garden is really an extension of our apartment in the warmer months. I spend all of my time back here. From breakfast until the light fades, and even beyond sometimes. Light a few candles and hang out back here with a drink in hand, it never really gets dark in the city anyways.
I’m growing all kinds of herbs this year. I’ve got (are you ready for this exhaustive list?) Peppermint, spearmint, thyme, lemon thyme, dill, basil, lemongrass, sage, oregano, tarragon, lavendar, rosemary and chives.
I’ve also started some tomato seedlings and I planted my sprouted onions which has given me lovely green onions!
You know about that right? When the onions start to sprout, you can just plant them! No need to toss them. I’ve also got pansies and geraniums and foxglove. I’m on the hunt for some hardy shade loving flowers to plant under my magnolia tree.
I am definitely my father’s daughter in that way. His garden is impressive and vast, I do the best with the space I have. And I do love this little wild space, it’s a bit overgrown, there’s creeping ivy and the magnolia tree pretty much shades the whole thing, but it feels almost magical to me.
I hope all of you have a little space that fills you with peace, somewhere you can escape to, to eat your muffins and read a book, to drink a whole pot of tea.

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