Basic Vegetable Broth (for when you can’t eat anything else)

For the last week I have been fighting through either food poisoning or a stomach bug. All I know is on Friday last week it hit me and I was down for the count. I was unable to keep any food in my stomach for about 48 hours, was too exhausted to do more than move from my bed to the couch for the following 48 hours and can still hardly eat. I feel like myself again, but the thought of eating anything more exciting than toast held no appeal to me for almost a full week.
Enter this veggie broth. I was subsisting on popsicles for two days (thank heavens for popsicles!) and then on Monday I finally had the energy to make myself something more substantial. But I had no appetite. So I decided vegetable broth was just was the doctor ordered. If I’d had some chicken bones I might have done chicken broth, but I don’t know if my poor stomach could have even handled that! I made this recipe up, as it was my first time making veggie broth. It’s super simple and adaptable. I threw in some carrots, onions, a bell pepper, some wilted celery, green onions and a whole bunch of fresh herbs from the garden. A pinch of salt and pepper, eight cups of water and let it simmer for an hour. I honestly think it helped me get better, I was finally getting some kind of nutrients in my system again. This would be great to make and freeze (I freeze broth in ice cube trays so I always have it when I need it!). I will definitely make this again and then add some vegetables and pasta and perhaps some chickpeas to make a soup.

1 tbl olive oil
Two carrots peeled and chopped into large chunks
Two stalks of celery (with leaves) chopped into large chunks
1 onion quartered
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 bell pepper quartered
8 cups water
Green onions
Two stalks of thyme
Two stalks of lemon thyme
1 stalk of rosemary
1 stalk of dill
Handful of chives
1 bunch of oregano
1 tbl salt
1 tsp pepper
Heat the olive oil in a heavy bottom large pot
Sautee the the carrots, celery, onion, garlic and pepper for approximately five minutes
Add 8 cups of water
Add green onions, herbs salt and pepper
Bring to a boil and then lower the temperature so that it simmers
Allow it to simmer (do not let it boil again) with the lid off for 1/2 an hour to an hour
Using a fine mesh strainer strain the vegetables and herbs out of the broth

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