Do you like Pina Coladas? Vegan Cocktail Cupcakes!

 I was having some lovely ladies over for food and drinks and so decided that I should bake some cocktail themed cupcakes. We were going to be drinking Sangria and homemade lemonade with gin . . . and then ended up drinking a bottle of rosé because hey why not. The point is, whenever people are coming to my house for food I immediately start planning a menu. Since it was going to be in the backyard I decided we needed something summery, something tropical. Hence the idea for some delightful pina colada cupcakes, the recipe for which I found on The Healthy Wife. I used my own frosting recipe which I will put below. I also made margarita cupcakes, because I suffer from a propensity to always be concerned that there won’t be enough food. It’s genetic. I’ve made the margarita cupcakes before and the recipe for those can be found here. I think they look aesthetically way more pleasing this time around. But that’s blogging, you look back at old posts and wonder what you were thinking . . . also why you never edited them.
 Fresh fruit is really key . . . as I type this I realize how untrue that is for these recipes. The limes were fresh but not local, they must have been shipped from far away! The pineapple, well the pineapple came from a can. I suppose what I mean by fresh fruit, is that we aren’t using extracts, or pre-packaged juices. We are using actual lime in our margarita cupcakes and actual pineapple in our pina colada cupcakes.
 I didn’t bother with fancily piping the frosting on these guys either. I threw them together, slapped on some frosting and garnished with fruit. On the margarita cupcakes I added a sprinkle of sea salt, to really give it the margarita experience. I will take a moment to say as we talk cocktails and cupcakes, that I am blessed with a really awesome group of friends. All the women in my life are these crazy strong, successful, funny, awesome women. I have always believed that it’s important to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, who make you a better version of yourself. As I wander through my late twenties I find myself looking around at my various friend groups and being thrilled with the people in my life.
I did also make an avocado and tomato salad because that totally counteracts the sugar of the cupcakes. That’s how that works right? I will say this is my absolute favourite salad to whip together. It tastes so good and takes about five minutes to make. You just chop up some tomatoes and avocados, then drizzle olive oil on top, sprinkle sea salt on it and mix it all together. That’s it, that’s all. I’ve also started to add chopped up basil for a little something extra.
So invite your best friends over, head outside with some cocktails and some homemade cupcakes and talk and laugh until the sun goes down and you have to light all the candles!
Pina Colada Frosting
1/4 cup vegetable shortening
1/4 vegan margarine
2-3 cups powdered
1 -2 tbl coconut rum
Granish with crushed pineapple
Cream together shortening and margarine
Add powdered sugar and whip together
Add coconut rum slowly until desired consistency is reached

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