Blueberry Corn Muffins and the Cottage

It’s August guys. It’s August and it’s time to start to really think about what we want out of the summer before the leaves start to change! It’s not too late, there’s still many days of sunshine ahead of us. I had the revelation last year that summer doesn’t end the first weekend of September. Summer ends whenever the warm weather ends. I’m not a student, I graduated from university five years ago! I can keep going to beaches, keep going to late movies and eating ice cream for dinner for as long as the warm weather holds out! And as long as the warm weather holds out, the fresh fruit and vegetables will come into the farmer’s market.
I’ve got a kind of standing order at the farmer’s market. Wild blueberries, kale, raspberries, peaches (not that they’re in season) a fresh loaf of bread. I love the summer! I ended up buying a whole lot of blueberries, got too excited by their availability and needed something to do with them all! So blueberry corn muffins it was!
It’s like cornbread, but studded with fresh blueberries. Definitely most delicious when served warm with a spread of vegan margarine. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but the very best vegan margarine I’ve come across is Earth Balance. It’s a little bit more expensive and difficult to find than others but when I see it I buy it, it makes a serious difference.
I baked up these muffins and tossed them in a plastic bag. I loaded my bag and my dog into the car and we drove up north to the cottage where my family from England was staying. It was a random Wednesday road trip just me and the dog. I listened to my new favourite podcast the whole way up, The Gilmore Guys. Gilmore Girls is one of my all time favourite shows it is inexorably tied into growing up for me. I love driving up to the cottage, as soon as we get out of the city, when the highway turns down to three lanes and everything around you is green. That’s a good place to be.
I know every summer I wax poetic about summer up north in Ontario, I can’t help myself, there is something about it that just heals. You can be quiet and think, you can’t possibly be bored with so much to explore around you. I dive into the lake every morning as soon as I wake up and drink my tea on the patio wrapped in a sweatshirt, my wet hair dripping down my back. It’s the perfect way to start a day.
Sun up to sundown you’ll find me outside. It was a pretty intense heat wave and so the dog had to spend most of the day up in the cottage with our portable AC unit. But early in the morning and in the evening I’d put his life jacket on and he’d run down into the water. He’s still not much of a swimmer (he is a bulldog after all) but he’s getting better every year. He doesn’t need any encouragement to get into that water now, he just sometimes needs a little bit of encouragement to go out past where his feet touch. We’ve got another month, month and a half tops of beautiful weather and I’m going to spend as much of it as possible outside. Eating blueberry muffins and soaking up the sun.
I found the recipe for the muffins over at the miniature moose. Go crazy and make the whipped maple butter too!

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