Cake, A Birthday and a Surprise . . .

 The Boyfriend was extremely specific about his birthday this year. He didn’t want to go to the cottage, he didn’t want to have anybody over, he didn’t want to go out. The only thing he wanted was to have dinner with me in the backyard just the two of us. It was his birthday so who was I to argue? I asked him what kind of cake he wanted and he said cookies and cream so I made a decadent double layer chocolate cake with a crushed oreo filled buttercream frosting. I posted the cupcake version of the recipe way back in 2012, the olden days before I had a stand mixer, and took really badly lit photographs . . . you can find the recipe here. Just double it for a two layer cake.
The day that I discovered I could eat oreos was a truly wonderful day for me. I’ve been an oreo fiend ever since. Even obscure ones like gingerbread I will gobble up. My definite favourites are golden oreos, I wish I was being paid to plug oreos but no I just give them my money to eat their delicious cookies.
So I worked hard making this cake, it’s my mothers chocolate cake recipe and usually no matter what I try it never tastes quite as good as when she makes it. But this time, this time it tasted just as good, magic was in the air when I baked this cake. The Boyfriend had been acting strangely all day and decided at 4:30pm that we needed to start making dinner that very moment!
The cake was ready so I didn’t really care when we ate. As we sat down to dinner out back, the reason for The Boyfriend’s strange behaviour was revealed to me. . .
He asked me to marry him!!!! The Boyfriend is now The Fiance. There are more details to our engagement story, but those are for us and our family and friends. Suffice it to say, it was perfect, very personal, very us. I could not be happier. That birthday cake turned into a combo birthday/engagement cake! This summer is one for the record!

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