Breathing in that mountain air . . .

I got to travel to Alberta recently for a quick weekend. I was busy working for the majority of the trip but on the last day I got to travel up to the mountains. Canada is a truly stunning country that I’m proud to live in. The landscapes spanning from the east to west coast are so varied, we have lakes, oceans, mountains, forests, rain forests. It wasn’t my first trip to Alberta (I was actually born out there!) but I hadn’t been in a long time. The mountains never cease to amaze, they quite literally take your breath away.
The mountains rise up as you start driving up the roads, they jut up on either side, imposing and reminding you that we are all so small! We went to Canmore and had lunch at an amazing golf course. I’ve had a long standing dream of road tripping across Canada, if I had a whole lot of time then once I got to B.C. I would drive down the coast to California, maybe one day!

Our country is so vast, Alberta feels so different from Ontario, the long flat prairies interrupted by the eruption of the mountains. I sometimes think it’s strange that I have been to so many other countries without properly exploring my own. I’ve only been to three of our nine provinces! And one of those three is the one that I live in.

I ate incredibly well while in Calgary. My host made sure that we were well fed and watered. Every place we went the food was incredible. It’s really no surprise that I found my jeans were fitting a little bit tighter when I returned home!

If golf is your thing. I can only imagine how amazing golfing here would be. Personally I just wanted to start hiking up those mountains, camera in hand. But we were on a schedule, I had to catch a plane back to Ontario that evening! It’s definitely different travelling for work vs. pleasure, I feel so lucky I got to go, but it definitely made me want to plan a proper trip where I can spend days up in the mountains!

I will be back into baking soon I promise. How can I not bake everything pumpkin now that it’s October? And Canadian thanksgiving is this weekend, aka my favourite holiday. But for now I will gaze longingly at photographs of mountains and imagine where my next adventure will take me. My wanderlust has been put into full force from my short mountain adventure!


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