Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn


The other night I was craving something sweet and salty. That elusive combination that hits just the right note. I had seen a recipe online for caramel marshmallow popcorn. Which was the answer to my sweet and salty prayers. You can make it with microwave popcorn if you choose, but I find it just as simple and quite frankly way more delicious, to pop the kernels the old fashioned way. A little bit of oil, a pot, some salt it takes a few minutes. I have to stand over the stove and shake the pot, but it doesn’t take any longer than putting it in the microwave for two minutes. I always use coconut oil when I’m popping my own popcorn because I find it works the best. I also shake the pan the whole time to keep it from burning. Popcorn on it’s own is still delicious but you can really take it to the next level with some sticky, sweet, caramelly goodness.


I will warn you this recipe is not even remotely healthy. Not even the tiniest bit. It’s really a lot of sugar but it tastes so delicious. Now of course marshmallows aren’t vegan I found a place you can order vegan marshmallows online here. So this is super simple. Brown sugar, margarine, a little bit of corn syrup and a whole bunch of marshmallows all melted together. Once it’s all melted together you have a thick creamy caramel sauce.


This is definitely best to be shared . . . or hey eat the whole batch, while watching trashy tv, cuddled up in your pyjamas. This is definitely best eaten in pyjamas when it’s cold outside. I may or may not have eaten it for dinner.


The big issue with this dessert, is that I put it in a stainless steel bowl. You see when it’s hot and melty and sticky, no problem. When it sits out it hardens into candy and it is impossible to get off the bowl. So, you should pour it into a pan with parchment paper. It definitely said that in the original recipe but I didn’t read it carefully enough. So, I am telling you heed my warning and save your bowls! Of course if you have a whole bunch of people around, it probably won’t last long enough in the bowl to harden. You can eat it right away when it’s hot, or wait until it hardens into a kind of toffy like candy. Perfect for the transition from fall to winter. Although if the weather stays the way it’s been we can count on a green Christmas and that’s alright by me this year!

Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn

Adapted from Lil Luna

  • 3 quarts of popcorn
  • 1/2 cup vegan margarine
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 TBL corn syrup
  • 20 large marshmallows (vegan or not depending on what you eat!)

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