Friday Finds


It’s Friday, it’s cold outside and we all need a little comfort. So let’s see what the internet has to offer us.

A Beautiful Mess is one of those blogs that I think everybody loves Recipes, style, life advice, DIY these girls do it all. Their January feels post seems so accurate. I also don’t want to leave my house at all, but do want to organize everything. We’ve already re-organized all the furniture in our living room and next I plan on tackling the office!

This chai teff porridge is calling my name. I have no idea what teff is but she writes and photographs so beautifully that I’m determined to go and find some. I’ll report back on my findings!

Apartment Therapy has a great article about how to wake up at 6am and get yourself to the gym. I’ve been using some of the tips and they have honestly worked so well for me. The key for me is the idea of the hot drink ready and waiting beside the bed. It’s revolutionary! I wake up, it’s 6:30am I start that internal battle about whether I really, really need to work out this morning and I remember, next to my bed is a hot cup of lemon and honey water, or tea, or whatever your beverage of choice is. And I wake myself up! The key is a really, really good thermos.

Speaking of which David’s Tea has the most amazing travel mugs that keep your beverages hot. I have this one and honestly my tea is still hot when I wake up in the morning 7-8 hours after putting it in. The only downside to the mug is if you’re just travelling to work you can’t drink it from the thermos because you will burn your mouth like you wouldn’t believe. It stays unbelievably hot!

I watched Short Term Twelve and I think everyone should. It is such a beautiful, heartbreaking movie and it’s streaming on Netflix.

And finally for something more serious, my good friend wrote this article Canada’s Missing: Thousands Of Lost or Murdered Indigenous Women and you should read it.



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