Friday Finds


The sun is shining the weather is cold without being too much and I’m making broth from scratch. It’s a good Friday. Let’s see what’s making me laugh and think out on the internet today.

This comic is so accurate it’s scary. Also, completely hilarious. Who among us doesn’t love buying books? Every spring there is a book sale I go to where hardcovers are $2 and paperbacks are $1. Every year I swear that I will also donate books to the sale and not just bring them home. So far I have only managed to buy more and donate none.

I finished watching Jessica Jones (I know I’m late to the party) and found this article interesting. It shouldn’t be one or the other, it should be both! There can be more than one superhero show featuring a female character, there really can!

A podcast about the lasting impact that Harry Potter has had on my generation. I have read the entire series about 4 times, re-reading it once again this past fall. I don’t know what it is exactly that grabbed us all so firmly as children and even still as adults. All I know is that when I re-read them they don’t lose any of their magic. I read the first three books after Christmas one year when I was 11. I didn’t think I would like them (they were about a boy after all) but my Mum insisted that I would. Thus began a lifelong love, I worked at Chapters at the end of highschool and during my first year of university which meant I got to work the midnight madness parties for the release of the final two books. There’s countless articles about just how these books remain such an important part of our generation but if you’re one of us, I don’t need to explain it to you.

I’m really interested in learning to make flower crowns for my wedding. I think they look so lovely. Having bought my dress this past month (that’s right, I bought the dress!) I know it will be suited by a flower crown. Nothing too big, something delicate. This whole wedding this is starting to come together!

I’m looking at making these strawberry hand pies in the lead up to Valentines day. Making them vegan of course and perhaps switching out the strawberries for raspberries.

Enjoy the weekend friends!


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