Friday Finds


It is really, really, really cold outside. Like extremely unpleasantly cold outside. So let’s all pretend we’re on a beach somewhere. A beautiful warm beach with soft sand, the hot sun beating down and warming our skin, a cold drink in our hand. Let’s pretend it’s so hot that we can only take the heat for so much longer before we just have to jump into the ocean and cool off. If only I was back in Roatan! It feels like -18 Celsius in Toronto right now. That’s just too cold. So let’s look around the internet for some warmth shall we?

  1. Apparently this story is from three years ago but I just found it this week. An incredible time capsule of an apartment opened up for the first time in 70 years! Abandoned when it’s owner fled just before the second world war it is filled with beauty and mystery, including a masterpiece! I can only imagine what it must have been like to be one of the people who got to walk in there, the room covered in cobwebs but otherwise untouched since the 1930s.
  2. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child how do we feel about this? It’s not an eighth book really. It’s a play so I feel like that’s better? I don’t know I love me some Harry Potter as much as the next millennial but I also feel like sometimes things are best left alone. Reading the script of a play won’t be like reading a book, it’s a different format. Plays are meant to be performed, not read. I think there will be some disappointed people out there who are expecting it to be more like a novel. We shall see!
  3. While we’re getting nostalgic for the early 2000’s here is everything we know so far about the Gilmore Girls Revival. I am a huge Gilly and cannot wait to see the new episodes. Especially considering what a disaster season 7 was. Thrilled that almost the entire cast will be back, with the sad exception of Edward Herman. I haven’t ruled out Melissa McCarthy returning whatever twitter might be telling us!
  4. I’m definitely considering instituting a cell phone policy at my wedding. I don’t want people too busy instagramming to actually enjoy themselves. We’re going to have professional photographers there, no need for everyone to be snapping photos with their phones when they could just be in the moment.
  5. And on a more serious note this article about the Jiam Gomeshi trial. While those of you outside of Canada may not be familiar with it, it is a heated topic of conversation here at the moment. I feel this article sums up my own thoughts and feelings about it quite well.
  6. And on a lighter note, if we can’t be at the beach at least we can have beach inspired hair. Going to test out this tutorial on how to create beachy waves with a flat iron. My hair straightener has been collecting dust in my bathroom cupboard since about 2008, time to put it to good use!


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