Friday Finds


We’re almost at the end of February. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I can feel the warm sun, the ease of throwing on a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops to leave the house. Soon it will be time to get into the garden and dig away, I made a plan for my garden this year. I want to try and grow more vegetables and some fruit alongside all the herbs I always grow. So it’s Friday, which means we can spend tomorrow sipping tea and eating brunch. Until then, let’s see what little gems I’ve found around this internet of ours.

My backyard has a lot of shade and so I’m trying to do my research to find what I can plant that will thrive in shade. I like my plants to be useful as well as decorative and I found this list of medicinal herbs for the shade garden extremely helpful.

I found this blog post on extroverted introverts to be an interesting read. It described a lot of my own tendencies quite well. Depending on the day I’m excited and happy to be out at a party, to be surrounded by people, but other times I hate the crowds, the noise, I’d rather be at home with a good book. After a day filled with lots of social interaction I need some time alone, just me, in the quiet.

Friends of mine from way back have an amazing travel blog, they’ve essentially spent the last few years travelling the world with no fixed address! I especially love this article on their dumbest travel moments. We’ve all had those moments and it’s so refreshing to read an article that isn’t all rose tinted, but is realistic and very, very funny.

For food I’m definitely looking at making this garlic naan bread. There’s a great Indian place around the corner from us that we go to way too often. Maybe if I can learn to make some of the staples at home, we’ll stop going as much. Probably not . . .

Most exciting for me? The miniseries 11.22.63 premiered on Hulu on Monday. I was cast in a small role in episode 6! If you’re in the states you can watch it on Hulu if you’re in Canada the series is playing on Super Channel. So in six weeks my episode will be on! I have all of two lines, but it was such an exciting experience!



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