Friday Finds


Toronto can be real pretty sometimes. Last night’s sunset was lovely, it filled the sky with all kinds of amazing purples and pinks. I snapped a quick picture on my phone on the street, felt like a tourist but I couldn’t help myself. The moment was so lovely I had to capture it. So what is out there on the world wide web that is as lovely as a sunset?

100 Years of Canadian Beauty made me laugh. It’s really hard to look your cutest when you’re buried under hats, scarves, mittens, a giant coat and winter boots!

I bought The Edible Balcony and am day dreaming about all the garden projects I’m going to attempt from it this spring/summer.

What It’s Really Like to Work in Hollywood is an awesome article about the difficulties of working in the film industry if you aren’t a straight, white male. It’s something that as an actress is of course near and dear to me. Everybody should be able to see themselves represented on screen. I think that shows like Jessica Jones go to show that shows with a predominantly female cast and crew can be extremely successful. There is a long way to go in the industry, but the fact that these conversations are actually happening is comforting.

90’s nostalgia is at an all time high with Fuller House coming to netflix today. The reviews have been not so good . . . I would say AV Club wrote the funniest one.  But I’m probably still going to watch at least the pilot, how can I not? If you’re into entirely irreverent humour I would also suggest reading the blog  The Real Full House Reviewed. The writer watched every single episode of full house and wrote hilarious reviews of them. He is going to be doing the same for Fuller House and I personally cannot wait. If Full House is near and dear to your heart and you cannot take it being made fun of . . . then I’d skip this blog.

Oscar night is almost upon us and so Variety has an article about who should win according to three critics. Of course that doesn’t mean they will win. I love watching the Oscars, every year I go home and watch them with my Mum.


Have a lovely weekend all!



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