Friday Finds


Oh hi. Winter decided to throw a going away party with a snowstorm this week. The bad thing about snowstorms is the salt all over the sidewalks which are bad for my pup’s paws. The good thing about snow storms is taking him to the park or into the backyard, throwing snowballs and watching his joy at playing in the snow. That face is saying, throw the ball already! It’s going to be spring real soon, this is winter’s last gasp so I’m getting nice and cozy and just enjoying how pretty the city can look blanketed in fresh snow. So while we’re getting cozy let’s take a peak around the interwebs and see if there’s anything interesting out there.

I am in love with this house over at apartment therapy. It’s like they took my dream family home and created it for me. We’re still going to be apartment dwellers for the foreseeable future, but I love to daydream about a house all our own (with laundry on site!)

I am deeply in love with this illustration by Lauren Mortimer that’s for sale on etsy and may have to buy it to put up in my office. It’s just stunning and makes me think of all of the best parts of childhood.

Maptia is an amazing blog all about travel that is well worth exploring. I came to it through their 11 Unstranslatable Words From Other Cultures post, which is illustrated and makes you think about the roots of language.

Ya, I’m going to have to make this banana oat baked french toast at some point over the next couple of weeks because it looks amazing. I love breakfast, I love it when it’s cereal from a box, or waffles loaded with fruit and whipped coconut cream, or coffee cake. Breakfast is far and away my favourite meal of the day and I’m always on the lookout for something new to try!

And I’m sure you’ve all seen it already but John Oliver brilliantly skewers Trump on Last Week Tonight. Hey American neighbours everything ok over there? Cause it’s getting a little bit frightening from where I’m sitting.




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