Friday Finds


Spring is in the air, it’s St. Patrick’s Day next week and Easter in two weeks! This time of year always makes me feel super nostalgic. It’s the time of year that me and the fiance started dating many years ago. So it makes me want to listen to Yellowcard, Alexisonfire and Panic At The Disco. It makes me nostalgic for the days when the most complicated thing was getting home by curfew and picking a prom dress. But we’re past that now. We’re in the real world here so let’s see what it’s got to offer us.

12 Things About Being A Woman That A Woman Won’t Tell You by Caitlin Moran is so on point I don’t know what else to say about it. This woman writes so well and so hilariously and really sums everything up so succinctly. After reading this article I think I may have to buy her books.

I think we’re all fan girling a little bit over the Obama Trudeau bromance that’s going on. There is something refreshing and encouraging about seeing the leaders of our two countries getting along and enjoying one another. It seems like the dawn of a new era. I think we’re all just sad that their terms didn’t overlap more. I am going to focus on all the adorable photos that are being taken of the two families and ignore the current presidential race.

As we’re getting closer to the wedding I find myself enjoying the planning process more. I don’t plan on doing this again so I need to enjoy all the little moments as they come along. I found an article for an emergency day of kit that’s genius on Offbeat Bride. Of course there are going to be things that go wrong on your wedding day but this kit should prepare you for the majority of them!

Ya, ya I know it’s only the second week of March but my brain is already way ahead in summer land so I thought I’d take a peak at an end of summer checklist from a blogger I enjoy. That way I will be super prepared when summer comes. I like looking at endings when we’re at the beginning, it gives you the feeling that you have endless time. Reading an end of summer checklist at the actual end of summer fills me with panic, reading one when the snow has just melted fills me with hope.

The best part of Mondays is reading Behind Closed Ovens which became Off The Menu after the great Gawker restructuring. If you have never read this stop what you’re doing, wade through to the beginning and start there. If you have ever worked in the customer service industry in any capacity these food service horror stories will resonate with you oh so deeply. The comment section is heavy with the inside jokes so if you want to understand what it means to be allergic to crunchy, the importance of selling monogrammed thermoses, or what Pinkham’s law is I suggest reading them all!


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