Crazy Simple Vegan Jam Tarts


As I was making my delicious vegan pot pies, I ended up with some left over pie dough. So I thought to myself, what can I make quickly with it? What won’t take any extra prep time at all? The answer? Jam tarts of course! I love tarts, they’re kind of like mini pies but they feel so fancy. They also appear complicated but these jam tarts could not be easier to make. They took probably twenty minutes total to make from start to finish.


All you need is pie crust, jam and a cupcake tray. I always thought I needed proper tart pans in order to make tarts. This is not so, a cupcake pan works just as well, you simply don’t fill the cup to the brim with the pastry. The jam I used was strawberry rhubarb, it was a fancy jam, a Christmas present from my parents. I think the quality of jam that you use directly influences how good your tarts are. How could it not? There’s only two ingredients, jam and crust! Of course if you are super industrious and want to make these more difficult you can always make your own jam.


Sure to impress and incredible easy to make! You can’t beat that in a dessert!

Vegan Jam Tarts

Pre-heat oven to 400 and grease a cupcake tin.

Using homemade (recipe here) or store bought pie crust, split the crust into 24 small pieces and spread it into the bottom of each cupcake holder, allow the sides to be pressed up half way to the top of the holder. Fill the shell with jam. Bake for 15min.

What did I tell you? Easiest dessert ever!


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