Happy Easter!

I took the weekend off. I decided I needed a break and took the weekend off to enjoy my fiancé, my family and some downtime. It was our anniversary on our Friday as well as being Easter weekend and since I hadn’t had four consecutive days off in ages I decided enough was enough. Of course now here I am blogging despite my self imposed holiday. I just wanted to write a small post. No new recipes, not a whole lot of pictures, just simple simple things. 20160325_082902

Simple things like my fiancé getting me this amazing cookies and cream vegan ice cream cake for our anniversary.


Or the fact that my parents secretly ordered this print for me and had it delivered to my house. Once I realized it was from them (and got over my fear that I had begun ordering things off etsy in my sleep) I was beyond thrilled.


An imperfect photograph of the delicious cupcakes I made for Easter. I made half regular lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream and half stuffed with homemade blueberry sauce. The recipe for which I posted about here. They were a big hit so I brought them back for Easter.

I learned the hard way to take time off. I ran myself into the ground in quite a nasty way a few years ago and I never want to find myself in that position again. So now, when I find myself completely unable to write, or bake, or do anything productive I see it for what it is. It’s my mind telling me I need a day off. Now, if this happened all the time then it would just be laziness. It happens every month or two, a day where I had every intention of being productive and I just cannot. So, there are two things you can do when this kind of a day presents itself. You can bash your head against a wall, try and force yourself to work, or you can stop. Shut your life down for a day and allow yourself to watch movies, read a book, go for a walk. Whatever you need to recharge. The next day you will be twice as productive. At least that’s what I’ve found over the years. I hope you’ve had a lovely relaxing holiday weekend.


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