Friday Finds


I have all the windows open in my house, it smells like spring! Which is extremely exciting. Especially with last week’s ice storm and the crazy thunderstorms all day yesterday. I am so ready to have a good clear out of the back garden, go to the garden store and stock up on plants and fertilizer! Honestly, there are few things that make me happier than working outside in the sunshine in the dirt. I’ll take this grey day however, gives me an excuse to cuddle on the couch with my dog a little longer. Guys. I lost my camera charger. It must be around somewhere but I cannot find it! So I’ve given in and ordered a new charger from Amazon. I will of course find the old charger the day the new one is delivered because that is the way life works. Speaking of life, let’s see what’s happening in the big wide world.

How do we feel about flower crowns? I’m pretty into it I think. Nothing too big and garish but maybe some delicate baby’s breath. Something I’m considering as the big day looms closer and closer. It’s only six months away which is crazy!

If you aren’t from Toronto this probably means nothing to you, but the Skydome is getting it’s name back! For years we’ve had to refer to the skydome as the Roger’s Centre. Which is really a tacky, corporate name. However, it’s officially going to be the Skydome once again (ok the Roger’s Skydome, but close enough!) Hopefully it will spur the Jays on to have as great a season as last year (or an even better one!). Can’t wait for my first baseball game of the year.

Friend’s of mine have created the feminist webseries Killjoy. The teaser trailer is out and oh boy, the comments on youtube are vile. Honestly, the sheer amount of people saying derogatory and demeaning things on there prove every point that Killjoy is trying to make. Not that any of them realize it of course. That would require some self awareness.

I watched Me and Earl and The Dying Girl on netflix last week. I actually cannot stress enough how wonderful this movie is. I mean it will rip your heart out of your chest, show it to you and then slowly destroy it . . . but it’s amazing. I haven’t cried that hard at a movie in a long time. I’m talking, I had to pause the movie to catch my breath because I was crying so hard. Despite that I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

I made this vegetable ramen from the Woks of Life this week and it was delicious. Highly recommend, it is a perfect weeknight dinner when you’re tired and don’t have a lot of time or energy to cook. Also it’s super flexible, I used what I had on hand. I didn’t have any cabbage so I used kale, no shaoxing wine, so I used whiskey. It’s what you make of it.

Have a lovely weekend friends!


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