Friday Finds


It’s still snowing and it’s still cold, but we’ve got to keep fighting until spring. It’s  a busy, busy week for me here so we’ve got to keep this light and sweet. The way spring time should feel. Light sweaters, more light in the day, light pastel coloured flowers.

I got fooled by the renaming of the skydome on April Fools day. But the best April Fools of all was Library and Archives Canada “declassifying” Wolverine’s military history.

If you’re as excited as I am about the Gilmore Girls revival you will be over the moon to hear that Melissa McCarthy is in fact reprising her role as Sookie! There was a lot of back and forth and a lot of rumours but it’s now confirmed!

I attempted to make these brown butter crinkle cookies vegan and failed miserably. They tasted good, but the consistency was all wrong, they weren’t cookies they were chunks of dry dough. I’ll have to try again, or maybe one of you can try and have better luck than me.

So this is real. There actually is another hidden inbox in facebook messenger. I found a bunch of messages, most of which were from trolls and facebook randoms. However a couple of them I would have really liked to have seen when I got them a year or two ago. When I messaged the people back I also had to explain about the secret inbox so I didn’t seem incredibly rude. They probably all just think I’m crazy now instead . . .

I am thinking of doing a gallery wall in the office. I’ve got quite the collection of art from my travels as well as pieces I’ve purchased and I love the look of a gallery wall. This is a great how to. I’ve got to collect a few more pieces before I’m ready to take the plunge I think.


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