Friday Finds


I have been remiss this week, it’s been quite busy and I haven’t had a moment to bake. I’ve made lots of delicious dinners but no desserts. I have ideas stocked up to try out this weekend and promise to post soon! While I’ve got your attention let’s see what’s out in the virtual world, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good are these hilarious Dumbleburn comics that really dig into all of Dumbledore’s more interesting decisions in the Harry Potter books.

Also good are these shoes from Betsey Johnson’s Blue collection. I’m considering them for my wedding, the heels are a little daunting but that’s why I’m buying them well in advance. The little gold heart on the back pretty much sold me. I’m not much of a heels girl (boots and flats for life!) but I figure on my wedding day I’m going to want some fancy shoes.

In both good and bad Jennifer Hudson and the cast of The Color Purple paid tribute to Prince and it was caught on video. Such a beautiful tribute, there seems to be a truly unprecedented number of influential groundbreaking artists departing from us much too young this year.

In this video actress Priyanka Chopra talks about building her career and going from being told that “girls are replaceable” to becoming the one who irreplaceable. Again good and bad, bad that girls are being told that in this day and age, good that women are breaking boundaries.

Instead of the ugly let’s focus on the beautiful, personally I find pie beautiful. I am definitely planning on trying this Vegan Chai Spiced Sweet Potato Pie. I’ve never had sweet potato pie before and so I’m excited to try it. It seems like a very American Southern dish and today is hot and muggy so the perfect time to try it out!



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