Friday Finds


Those sweet spring blossoms. There is something very rewarding about seeing the bulbs you planted in the fall pop up in the spring. It makes me feel as though summer really is coming, even though it is only 4 Celsius today. It’s almost May! I know it was 16 degrees on Christmas day but come on let’s get some double digits over here. Let’s look forward to sunny days on patios, warm evenings by camp fires, and scorching hot afternoons on the lake. Let’s see what the internet has in store to excite us and get us ready for spring and summer!

Grow your own blueberries is a good place to start. I love buying wild blueberries at the farmer’s market in the summer, but how much better would it be to just grow my own? Fresh blueberries in coconut milk is ever so delicious. Blueberries and strawberries are the two fruits I’m going to attempt to grow on my own this year. Depending on their success I will expand to other fruits next summer!

Doomie’s has opened in Toronto! I cannot wait to check it out, the reviews I’ve read of their LA spot are out of this world.  Completely vegan big mac’s? Yes please! I might have to drop by this weekend to give it a go.

Can you imagine digging in your backyard and finding a Roman villa buried back there? Highly unlikely that you’re going to run into one in North America, but a British gentleman had workers digging in his backyard to lay electrical lines and that’s exactly what was found! I am a complete and utter history nerd, so this kind of stuff gets me all excited.

Apparently hugging your dog stresses them out, a study done on photographs of dogs states that dogs being hugged display signs of stress. I don’t entirely disagree with that, my pup puts up with me hugging him every now and again, but he doesn’t love it. He does however love to attempt to fit his 60lb frame into my lap, he loves resting his head in my lap, or just being cuddled up next to me. I think people are freaking out thinking that this means dogs don’t like any physical affection, they just don’t want you squeezing them!

And just because it’s awesome, the artist Prasad Bhat has created these amazing moving illustrations of actors in their various roles. It’s mesmerizing to watch!





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