Friday Finds


How are we more than halfway through May? Can somebody explain that to me please? How is time rushing past so quickly. I remember being told as a child not to wish my life away, that time would start passing too quickly. Of course I didn’t believe the adults who told me that. Now in the latter half of my twenties I see just how true it is. Time truly does speed up as you age. So let’s slow time down and take a look around this world of ours.

First of all, let’s talk about this recipe for vegan homemade ravioli, without any fake cheese. I am very excited to try this recipe out. It looks simply incredible. I’ve never made my own pasta before so this is a lovely challenge that I’m excited to try. Also sweet potato? And sage? Mmmmm. I’ve got sage growing in my garden and I can’t wait to have a bounty of fresh herbs to use in all my cooking.

In things I think are important, Kathryn Borel spoke up last week about her abuse at the hands of Jian Gomeshi you can watch the full video here. What a courageous, strong and resilient woman to go through so much and never waver, never falter in her pursuit of what is right. She is an inspiration.

I was super excited for a hot minute about a new Center Stage movie, until I realized that it was in fact a lifetime movie. No way lifetime can capture the magic that was the first center stage film. So instead let’s just watch that absolutely epic final dance number shall we?

With my wedding rapidly approaching I’m getting sucked into the wedding wormhole of pinterest. I like this wedding though, the use of books as decor speaks to my soul. I plan on using old books as center pieces as well.

Also, I bought these Betsey Johnson shoes for my wedding shoes! The heels are a little intimidating but I have time to practise. I’m also going to buy flats because let’s be honest I won’t last longer than the ceremony and pictures in heels!

Here in Canada this weekend is known as Victoria Day weekend, or May 24 which means it’s a long weekend and largely considered the beginning of summer and cottage season. Queen Victoria was a pretty impressive woman, check out a brief biography of her here.



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