Friday Finds


So here we are another Friday. I got to try on my wedding dress yesterday, it needs to be altered but I have the actual dress that is all mine! I’ve got the shoes too and I’ve been practising walking around the house in them. I’m not much of a heels girl but this is one day I feel I need to wear heels, for the ceremony and pictures anyways. Then I can kick them off and put on some flats! I got to spend some time in my hometown yesterday and in my parent’s garden. It’s so nice to go back to where I grew up and sit in the quiet of my parent’s backyard. So let’s see what’s happening around us this week . . .

This video of actors being aged up by makeup versus what they actually look like when they reach that age is a fun watch, some of the makeup teams seemed to have a crystal ball!

This awesome video brings together the actual history that inspired Game of Thrones. I love history and Game of Thrones. I read all the books and have watched 3 of the seasons of the tv show. I need to catch up on the tv show since I have now given up on another book being released anytime soon.

It is definitely time for drinks on patios. Specifically margaritas Gimme Some Oven has a great recipe for real margaritas. None of this bar lime nonsense. My one friend makes the greatest margaritas but I’m willing to give her a run for her money this summer.

I’ve been on a bit of a nostalgia kick reading wise lately, re-reading my two favourite childhood series by Tamora Pierce, the Lioness Quartet and the Immortals. This article on The Mary Sue explains why these amazing books haven’t made it onto our screens yet. Personally, I’m not too mad about it, the chance that hollywood would get it right seems negligible. If you’ve never read her books do yourself a favour and pick them up. You won’t regret it.

Finally, a truly lovely and courageous young woman that I worked with years ago passed away this week. She had been battling CF all her life. So I feel it is important to leave three links here. The first is to sign up to be an organ donor in Ontario, the second is for Cystic Fibrosis Canada and the third is 65 red roses a wonderful documentary on this awful disease.



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