Friday Finds


In a month I will be up at the cottage, soaking up the sunshine and swimming in the lake. Today I’m ok with my beautiful backyard. I’m really happy, I’ve already got a tiny green strawberry growing in my hanging basket, I’ve got flowering tomato plants and an overgrowth of mint. Anybody need mint? Seriously anybody at all? I’ve taken a look around at the world this week and decided to focus on the good stuff, the happy stuff, the silly stuff. Let’s see what Friday brings us.

First of all the lovely minds over at i09 have ranked every Pinky and the Brain plan to take over the world. Required reading for all of us who grew up in the 90’s, especially those of us who remember Pinky and the Brain when it was just a segment on Animaniacs.

Guys, there is a bulldog race. I know this because everyone I know sent me a link to this video . Which means everybody knows me and my love for my bulldog and all things bulldogs much too well. Guys, bulldogs are fast (for short stretches) when my pup has a toy and an open field, good luck catching up to him and getting that toy from him. They are low to the ground and fast when they want to be!

Things are starting to grow out there in my garden so I wanted to know the best way to harvest my herbs, don’t want to stunt their growth, do want to make them produce even more!

So this article on apparent drama in the vegan youtube community is hilariously written (as are the subsequent follow up posts) while also giving you a frightening look into the world of youtube celebrity. Let’s all just calm down, eat good food (not just bananas) and chill in the sunshine ok?

I’m excited to try this vegan garlic alfredo I’m a sucker for a vegan cream sauce that doesn’t use cashews. I can’t eat cashews and from what I hear they aren’t cheap for those who can eat them. So it’s great to find other alternatives to get our creamy pasta fixes.

I hope your weekend is full of sunshine, friends, ice cream and margaritas!


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