Friday Finds Late On A Friday



I was gone for the long weekend. Packed up the dog and went to the cottage. A belated Happy Canada Day to you all! I’ve been keeping it pretty quiet these past couple of weeks, I am going to go ahead and say there will more than likely be no new content this coming week due to some family stuff. This week has been kind of insane in the world. I don’t feel that I have anything meaningful, insightful or important to say on any of it. So instead I’ve rounded up some of the articles that I think articulate it all much better than I could. Giving voice to the people who know and understand their experiences in a way I never can and never will.

Where to start? This article showing the peaceful protestors and the police posing together before the shots rang out breaks my heart.

President Obama speaking on the deaths of Philano Castile and Alton Sterling is incredibly eloquent, poised and thoughtful.

The horrifying bombing in Iraq with well over 250 victims is yet another point of cruelty in the world this past week.

And here is a piece on gun violence in America, because it feels as though not a day has gone by in 2016 without a mass shooting.

To take a step away from the constant violence, heartache and horror this week has heaped upon us all let’s look at this  Underwritten Female Characters: The Movie, as an actor let me tell you how painfully true I find this.

And as a palate cleanser this kid was sneaking into his neighbour’s garage to hug their dog which is straight up adorable.

Let’s make this coming week better ok? Collectively let’s put aside the hatred and the vitriol and accept that we don’t know everything, we don’t understand everything. That sometimes we just need to sit down and listen.


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